Key Concepts and Terminology in Public Health Informatics
Key Concepts and Terminology in Public Health Informatics

By the end of the lesson, participants will be able to:

  • Define public health informatics
  • Discuss the value proposition for public health informatics
  • Define business process analysis
  • Describe the role of business process analysis in public health informatics
  • Describe an informatics-savvy organization
  • Describe the role of standards relevant to informatics projects and public health information systems
  • Discuss contemporary topics in public health informatics, such as Meaningful Use, electronic lab reporting, and electronic case reporting

Participant Prerequisite

Informatics for Everyone training by the Informatics Academy and the Public Health Informatics Institute.  Participants will need to register with the Informatics Academy to access the training.  The Informatics Academy can be accessed at the following web address:

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Lesson Slides
Case Scenario #1 for Reflection
The leadership in your organization has allocated funding to purchase a new disease surveillance information system. You are asked to lead the project for your program. What are some of the activities and first steps that you would recommend to your leadership and your IT department?
Case Scenario #2 for Reflection
As a program leader, you recognize that there are many areas of the agency collecting similar data. All of this data is stored in many disparate systems. As a leader you would like to see data shared across the programs to reduce inefficiencies. What are some of the first steps that you would take to make this happen?